Your Personal Forest Tree Reading

//Your Personal Forest Tree Reading

Your Personal Forest Tree Reading


Since ancient times a tree has been a symbol or metaphor to  represent an individual’s nature. By drawing a tree unique characteristics of your personality are expressed. Drawing individual trees representing  money, health, another person and spiritually  your relationship with these aspects of your life are revealed. This information provides a foundation for increased self-awareness, knowledge, and improved well-being.

This tree reading includes a written assessment of all of the following trees:

  • The Money Tree – Drawing a money tree reveals insight into your relationship with financial matters. This information allows you to strategize and motivate yourself to manage your money better.
  • The Health Tree – Drawing a health tree reveals insights to help you focus on your physical and emotional well-being. This increased self-awareness about your health allows you to improve your self-care. A better relationship with your mind and body is a key component to vibrant living.
  • The Significant Person Tree – Drawing the tree of another person reveals insight into how you perceive that person. This awareness allows you to resolve old issues, forgive, accept and let go of toxic emotions to improve the relationship.
  • The Spiritual Tree – Drawing a spiritual tree helps you discover the role a higher power plays in your life. This awareness allows you to strengthen your relationship.


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