Tree Reading Certification

//Tree Reading Certification

Tree Reading Certification


Become a Certified Tree Reader

The Art of Tree Reading is a perfect accessory at any business event, party, or social gathering. Are you outgoing and would love to be in the entertainment field? Learn Tree Reading and start getting paid to read trees at mixers, adult birthday parties, holiday parties, or showers. Become a consultant in a large corporation or any business that is experiencing employee conflicts. You can glean information that will help everyone work better together.  Become a Certified Tree Reader with unlimited possibilities to build a business.

Certification Requirements:

  • The textbook “A Tree is your Key: Unlock The Art of Tree Drawing Interpretation” is not included in the cost of the certification and must be purchased separately.
  • Download and return a completed exam for scoring.
  • A minimum score of 70% on the exam is required for certification.


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