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Janet’s Services

Janet R. Crain is devoted to helping you implement strategies for finding joyfulness, respect for yourself, and improve the connections with those around you. She focuses on developing practical action steps for improving self-worth, self-confidence and raising self-esteem to the level you deserve to be at. The services offered are a variety of different approaches tailored to best fit the individual or group. With the end goal in mind, she will work with you, your company or group to determine the most useful skills to achieve success.

Motivational Speaking Services

Janet is available for worldwide motivational speaking events. Between Janet’s uplifting personality, passion for helping others, and the techniques she has mastered, you will walk away feeling inspired and refreshed. She focuses on helping you develop personal strategies to become your best self with the right attitude, confidence, and self-awareness.


Tree Reading Services

Trees have specific traits to survive and thrive in spite of the harshness of nature. The art of tree reading reveals the characteristics and unique features of your personality.  Understanding your own character can help you make well informed choices, decisions, and interactions. The goal of your tree reading is to remind you of how special and unique you are. A tree drawing Interpretation provides you a way to:

  • Gain a clearer understanding and vision of yourself.
  • Create new tools and skills to flourish in your environment
  • Engage in a conversation with your inner voice or a perfect stranger for greater insight.
  • Identify the strengths of your personality.

Law enforcement, including the FBI, use handwriting analysis to obtain information about an individual’s personality. Interpretation of tree drawings provides much of the same information and can reveal interesting insights about the person without words or language limitations.



Self Hypnosis is a skill that increased my ability to handle the challenges of my life. It gave me the chance to manage my thinking and calm myself down when I needed to relax. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, we have all experienced when our awareness was so focused on one thought, we lost track of the outside world. With a focused mind it easier to accept new thoughts—the kind you want to cultivate to improve your life. With repeated practice, you can easily learn to create this state of mind for yourself After using self-hypnosis to manage the stressful side effects of chemo for advanced stage lymphoma, she became a certified hypnosis practitioner and hypnocoach. She successfully incorporated this powerful skill to address the emotional component of pain and fear in her dental practice until she retired. Now she teaches her self-hypnosis techniques to other health professionals and individuals to manage stressful situations.