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About Janet R. Crain

International motivational speaker, college lecturer, tree reading expert, certified hypnotist, and published author. Janet’s passion for art, creativity, spirituality, and people has driven her to connect and motivate others along her journey.



  • Motivational Speaking

  • Tree Reading

  • Vision Board Workshops



Take the first steps in improving yourself and your relationships! 

  • Vision Board Workshop Aug. 17th
  • Vision Board Workshop Aug. 24th
  • Vision Board Workshop Sept. 7th





“Dr. Crain’s insights really helped me to understand why some of my friends never do what I think  they should.  I can’t change my relatives but now I understand them- and that makes it a lot easier! Her metaphor is great and I really loved her book.” ~Emma C.

Emma C.

“Dr. Crain’s book is fabulous, wonderful, so great!  I read it over and over again.  It’s easy to read and really makes sense.  It’s like speaking to someone.  I’m mailing it to my mom and sister.” ~Gillian R.

Gillian R.

“I got tremendous insights from Dr. Crain’s book. You can really relate to it. It was so good that I passed it onto my friends.” ~Lizbet A.

Lizbet A.

“I’ve read a lot of books but never felt they applied to me.  The analogy which Dr. Crain used in her book gave me a visual I could relate to and incredible insight in my life and relationships.  As a result, I’ve been able to instantly and automatically apply her approach to better my life.” ~April A.

April A.



JT Foxx Helped Me Step into My New Business Identity

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A Thank you poem for J.T. FOXX As I transition to my new business life I start with a poem that sums up my strife. With a leap of faith I flew south to [...]

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