What is an Intention Setting Board?

They may seem and sound like simple collages, but INTENTION SETTING vision boards are among the most powerful visualization tools available to us — they open up your mind and heart to an array of possibilities you never thought possible. Your Intention Setting vision board’s purpose is to help you clarify your future, your goals, and picture your most authentic life, all while letting go of what’s stopping you or getting in the way.

The very process of Intention Setting vision boarding also helps you visualize your path towards those goals and dreams. Because our minds respond so strongly to images, creating a tangible representation of your dreams means creating a daily reminder to direct your focus and your motivation, attaching emotion to your vision.

      • As a process, visualization forces us to think both critically and sequentially

      • Visualization is powerful: a recent study found, through analysis of brain activity, that weight lifters were able to gain strength through mentally envisioning lifting

      • We stimulate the same brain area when we visualize an action as when we actually take that action

This makes intention setting vision boarding the perfect first step to take in achieving all you can be, have, or do.

Sample Vision Board

8 Ways a Vision Board Will
Transform Your Dreams
into a Reality

  • Stimulate your imagination to expand your perspective

  • Gain clarity on what your future can look like

  • Construct a roadmap to guide your journey

  • Create a visual focus to support your personal power

  • Develop the confidence to take control of your life

  • Reinforce the right mindset to help you accomplish your goals

  • Visual representations implant thoughts into your subconscious mind to create new beliefs

  • Anchor you to what is possible

How Are We Different
Than Others

 Janet begins with an Exclusive
Simple Self-Awareness Tree Reading.

Tree reading provides much of the same information and insights into influences, values and motivations. Through the insight, wisdom and increased self-awareness revealed in your tree drawing you can create a heartfelt vision allowing old beliefs, self-doubt, negative habits and behaviors to be redefined.  By combining your vision board with a tree reading your visions will become a clear reflection of your hearts desires.

Sample Tree Drawing

“Very inspirational and motivational. Exactly what I needed. My favorite part was the sisterhood I felt with the women in the room.” – C. G.

“Great inspiration for women. Enlightening.“ – C. H.

“This was a very inspiring and helpful night.  Learned a lot about my hopes, dreams and future. Such a great night.” – K. F.

“The workshop was so much fun and inspired me to expand my goals for the future.  Janet is so talented.” – R. K.

“Janet’s online Tree Reading and Vision Board Workshop was amazing.  The Tree Reading blew me away and how accurate it was. My vision board surely made me focus. Anything is attainable as long as you do it with love.” – P. M.

“Creating the vision board in Janets online session was so helpful and focusing. She was open and creative with her ideas, which created a warm and fun environment to work in. I loved that she incorporated a tree reading and how everything just flowed so well. I like how the tree reading gives you deeper connection to your heart center and your able to see reasonings for behavior and emotional energy we carry. I had so much making my vision board and receiving helpful tips during the process. Janet made the whole process open and creative. I definitely want to keep creating them and this was a great jumpstart to do so.”
– D. E.