Raised in Brooklyn, New York, Janet Crain graduated with honors from the State University College of Buffalo in 1976 and received her D.M.D degree in 1981 at Tufts University, School of Dental Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts.

She practiced with her husband, Dr. Ira Klemons at the world-renowned Center for Headaches, Facial Pain, and Sleep Apnea in South Amboy, New Jersey until they retired in 2015.

After retiring from practicing Dentistry Janet shifted her passions towards helping others and teaching others to find themselves and live their best life. It was only after her own journey of fighting cancer that Janet realized she had fought with everything she had and wanted to share the wisdom she had learned with women and men that needed a burst of confidence and self esteem to make it through even the toughest of times.

In 2003, while being treated for a recurrence of advanced Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, she tried hypnosis after her first round of chemotherapy to manage the extreme side effects. She had lost her appetite, her hair, and 16 pounds. After a 45 minute hypnosis session, she was amazed as her nausea disappeared and she found herself hungry. It became clear to her just how significant the power of thought could be, and from that point on, she followed each chemotherapy session with a visit to her hypnotherapist. Impressed with the personal power and control hypnosis gave her, she became a certified hypnotist by the National Guild of Hypnotists.

In 2009 she authored the book “If you want an Egg roll, Get out of the Pizzeria”. Using a metaphor for shopping, she developed a language to help others understand that every relationship, like a store, is a place you go to get your needs met. If you go to the wrong store you can’t get what you want. The same is true in a relationship. If you are with the wrong person or shopping for the wrong things, you will be disappointed. She offers hands-on methods to help readers and patients find clarity, creativity, and joy to the process of transforming their lives, breaking through nonproductive thinking, and establishing rewarding relationships.

First introduced to the connection of art and personality with the purchase of a book for one dollar at an outdoor street fair in Vermont, her fascination for art therapy and Tree Reading blossomed. The discovery led to countless hours of learning, as well as an incalculable number of tree readings. Today, she continues to find opportunities to apply and share the knowledge of Tree Reading with the world.

Someone once described Janet Crain’s personality by saying, “strangers are just friends that Janet hasn’t met yet.” She is motivated and inspired every day to share her knowledge. As an International lecturer and world traveler she enjoys making friends all over the world. Fine dining, shows, movies, and shopping are her favorite past times. Being engrossed in a mystery or detective novel is her idea of a fun day. Craft fairs, knitting, painting, and redecorating fill her creative appetite. She is never too busy to read your tree or sit and have a cup of coffee.

Janet has been interviewed multiple times on television and radio and has authored many books. She teaches her techniques worldwide. She believes maintaining successful relationships are the cornerstone to a healthy life. Her passion for art, creativity, spirituality, and people has driven her along the road less travelled. She is happily still voyaging and looking to continue to share her wisdom with you.