JT Foxx Helped Me Step into My New Business Identity

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A Thank you poem for J.T. FOXX As I transition to my new business life I start with a poem that sums up my strife. With a leap of faith I flew south to meet JT, A “Tree Reader” was what I wanted to be; It was my passion and identity, Any change was [...]

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Draw Me a Tree

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Draw me a tree and you can discover yourself.  No thanks! Tree reading is the fastest and easiest way to gain self-awareness. I thought being a master Tree Reader, everyone would want to know about themselves and their relationship with other people, money, health and spiritually and any other  insights that a tree drawing [...]

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Who Said Only Veterans Get PTSD

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I thought only Veterans got PTSD. After I completed chemotherapy for advanced stage Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, I was healing physically, but emotionally I was overwhelmed. I developed unexplained fears of a variety of things. My ability to relax my mind, body or concentrate was limited.   I had nightmares and was equally afraid of living as [...]

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The Working Pet

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#TYDTWDay Take your dog to work day may be an unofficial holiday implemented in 1999 to promote more pet adoption. However, you can’t deny the benefits of having a loyal team member right by your side. Their unconditional love, acceptance and their willingness to please, create a happier workplace.  Not only can they put [...]

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Self-awareness is the first step in any journey to self-improvement

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It’s also one of the most difficult. To be truly self-aware, we must ask ourselves some tough questions and take an honest look inside. Self-awareness means understanding our motivations, our thinking patterns, our influences, habits, needs, and desires, successes and failures. We must know ourselves both intellectually and emotionally. And it means no excuses. It [...]

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5 Simple Ways to Manifest Positive Change

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There have been many times in my life that I’ve been faced with a challenge, and struggled to overcome negative thinking. Know what I’m talking about? Anxiety and negative thinking are incredibly common, yet they don’t have to hinder us. If you’re looking to manifest positive change in your life, all it takes are a [...]

The Matchmaker’s Secret: Tree Drawing

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If you’re single this time of year, when cozy couples dominate our social feeds and every store and restaurant you enter is celebrating Valentine’s Day, it’s hard to get the thought of meeting someone special out of your mind. But drawing a tree to start a relationship?  Surely such a simple act couldn’t reveal enough [...]

Changing Perspective

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Thought, decision, and choice pass through our filter system of belief before they are expressed in the world. This means we are performing daily routines and responding to colleagues, spouses, friends, family, and others on autopilot much of the day. And though often more efficient, I recently caught myself feeling the effects of old modes [...]

Hydration for the Mind and Body

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When it comes to nourishing our bodies with water, we are advised to drink about half our body weight in ounces daily. The water we drink is the backbone for our body’s ability to function and achieve peak performance. Yet, troubling enough, dry mouth, a symptom often associated with the start of thirst, is actually [...]

Can We Choose Our Identity?

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Shaping Your Identity This weekend I was prompted to explore the question of shaping identity. Marked by events in our day-to-day lives, happenings from our past, and judgments cast by ourselves or perceived by others, we create professional, personal, spiritual, and emotional identities. Equipped with the human ability to create a personal story based on [...]

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