Take your dog to work day may be an unofficial holiday implemented in 1999 to promote more pet adoption. However, you can’t deny the benefits of having a loyal team member right by your side. Their unconditional love, acceptance and their willingness to please, create a happier workplace.  Not only can they put on a quick comedy routine and give

Not only can they put on a quick comedy routine and give a you a laugh, these fun-loving creatures are scientifically proven to boost Oxytocin levels in their owners.  Oxytocin being a huge stress reliever as well as being dubbed the “love hormone” is the main reason for therapy and PTSD service dogs.  Just having your friendly pet in the room can decrease the tension and anxiety level in any stressful situation you are facing. They instinctively know when you need their comforting touch and the benefit begins with just one stroke.

Many successful companies have pet friendly workplaces. Google, that has become an official term in the dictionary and is one of these big names I can mention, has a dog-themed cafe at their headquarters.  Mars and Ben & Jerry’s, two sweet giants I can mention have truly made their pet-loving employees’ workplace “…a world of pure imagination” Willy Wonka would say.  Even Amazon has a few office sites that cater to four-legged creatures with dog-friendly water fountains.

With these companies doing so well, may be one day becoming a real national holiday for every business in the world would not be so bad.