Draw me a tree and you can discover yourself.  No thanks!

Tree reading is the fastest and easiest way to gain self-awareness. I thought being a master Tree Reader, everyone would want to know about themselves and their relationship with other people, money, health and spiritually and any other  insights that a tree drawing can reveal.  Until, I asked some people to draw a tree and they replied, “No way! I am afraid to draw you a tree!”

They say ignorance is bliss.  It is certainly true for some people when asked to draw a tree.  None of us likes to learn about our shortcomings or inadequacies, but self-awareness is really a gift, something that can help us learn and grow. Insight into your unique personality offers many benefits to help you live a happier, more fulfilling and genuine life.  Our ability to change habits and behaviors takes a conscious and dedicated effort to do things differently.  This is why spending the time and energy it requires to truly self-develop keeps many in a blissful, uninformed state.

Imagine how much more successful you can be if you use this information to challenge yourself and your current ways, and seek to understand how to improve. Start questioning the way you do things without self-judgement.  Ask yourself, “What is working, not working, or even counterproductive to reaching your goals?”  Try a new way to do something.  This will automatically produce different results.  Your self-esteem and confidence will increase as you take new actions and get new results.  The benefits of self-awareness will far outweigh the short-term discomfort associated with confronting who you really are.  There are no bad trees in the forest.  You just want to become the best version of yourself.  Draw me a tree and you are on your way.