If you’re single this time of year, when cozy couples dominate our social feeds and every store and restaurant you enter is celebrating Valentine’s Day, it’s hard to get the thought of meeting someone special out of your mind. But drawing a tree to start a relationship?  Surely such a simple act couldn’t reveal enough information to start a meaningful conversation — the foundation of connection.

Janet Crain Tree Reading App

Perhaps we don’t give this nonverbal expression enough credit though. Handwriting analysis, a science adopted by the FBI to wordlessly gain insight into personality characteristics, has been proven to be a reliable source of information gathering, so it’s not a stretch to see how tree drawing reveals certain quantifiable clues as well.

Which is why tree reading is my favorite ice breaker: it’s quick and simple, and best of all, there’s no artistic ability necessary. All you have to do is download an app — the Tree Reading App — then let it guide you through the steps and the fun begin. Everyone will want to draw you a tree and the conversation — and romantic connection — will grow from there. Plus, all profits from app downloads go to the National Arbor Day foundation so you can feel good about supporting the environment too while fostering new relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Reading

Many people have never heard of tree reading, and will likely have a lot of questions for you about it. Here are answers to the most frequently asked ones.

Are there “good” and “bad” trees?

Trees are neither “good” nor “bad.”  Remember, trees help produce the very oxygen that we breathe —  they are indeed trees of life and we need them all.

Can tree reading reveal a person’s future?

Tree reading is not fortune telling; it cannot predict the future. But it can reveal fun insights into people’s personalities.

How accurate is tree reading?

Tree reading is for fun and provides a way to increase communication. It has not been studied for scientific accuracy — however, the vast majority of people say the interpretation is spot on.

Do you analyze the tree drawing of a left-handed person the same as a right-handed person?

Yes, but a key difference to look for is that a right-handed person tends to draw influences from the past on the left half of the page while a left-handed person tends to draw these indicators on the right half of page.

Do children’s trees have the same meaning?

Trees drawn by children are different than adults’ and must be viewed with different criteria.

Can tree reading replace a therapist?

Tree reading is for fun and entertainment purposes only.

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