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What is Vision Boarding?

They may seem and sound like simple collages, but vision boards are among the most powerful visualization tools available to us — they open up your mind and heart to an array of possibilities you never thought possible. Your vision board’s purpose is to help you clarify your future, your goals, and picture your most authentic life, all while letting go of what’s stopping you or getting in the way.

The very process of vision boarding also helps you visualize your path towards those goals and dreams. Because our minds respond so strongly to images, creating a tangible representation of your dreams means creating a daily reminder to direct your focus and your motivation, attaching emotion to your vision.

  • As a process, visualization forces us to think both critically and sequentially
  • Visualization is powerful: a recent study found, through analysis of brain activity, that weight lifters were able to gain strength through mentally envisioning lifting
  • We stimulate the same brain area when we visualize an action as when we actually take that action

This makes vision boarding the perfect first step to take in achieving all you can be, have, or do.

Sample Tree Drawing

Sample Vision Board

Sample Vision Board

Get Clear About Your Future

Join Janet as she guides you in creating a vision board for your life, starting with an exclusive Self-Awareness Tree Reading. Gain a better understanding of what you want from life, envision how that feels, and turn it into an achievable goal to focus and direct you.

  • Increase self-awareness and gain insight into your motivation, thinking patterns, and influences
  • Learn tools to effectively manage your thoughts
  • Benefit from the tools, the time, and the guidance to create a visual representation of what you want out of life
  • Direct your focus and your energy towards your goals
  • Create action steps and a plan to move forward

“Vision boarding is a tool I’ve used successfully throughout my life to navigate a number of challenges. By combining your vision board with a tree reading, I can help you gain insight into yourself and then visually map out your dreams and goals, giving you something to focus on as you work to enact change in your life.”

– Dr. Janet Crain

Includes: 11” x 14” canvas board, vision boarding supplies, a Self-Awareness Tree Reading (a $25 value), and a pair of Tree of Life earrings (a $15 value)

Cost: $65

Get Clear About Your Future Workshop

Date: 5/25/17

Time: 6:30-9:00pm

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Get Clear About Your Future Workshop

Date: 6/8/17

Time: 6:30-9:00pm

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