Janet’s Services

Janet R. Crain is devoted to helping you implement strategies for finding joyfulness, respect for yourself, and improve the connections with those around you. She focusses on developing practical action steps for  improving self-worth, self-confidence and raising self-esteem to the level you deserve to be at.  The services offered are a variety  of different approaches tailored  to best fit the individual or group.  With the end goal in mind, she will work with you, your company or group to determine the most useful skills  to achieve success.

Hypnotherapy Services

After using hypnosis to control the side effects of chemo for advanced stage lymphoma, she became a certified hypnosis practitioner and instructor to share and teach this powerful skill. She incorporated the benefits of hypnotherapy and hypnocoaching to address the emotional component of pain in her dental practice until she retired. Through techniques like the finger focus and self-hypnosis,  you can  take back control of your situation by managing  your emotions and thoughts.