After using self-hypnosis to manage the stressful side effects of chemo for advanced stage lymphoma, she became a certified hypnosis practitioner and hypnocoach. She successfully incorporated this powerful skill to address the emotional component of pain and fear in her dental practice until she retired. Now she teaches her self-hypnosis techniques to other health professionals and individuals to manage stressful situations.

How can hypnocoaching benefit me?

Hypno-Coaching is an opportunity to move your life forward.  We all have challenges in our lives where we feel temporarily unable to think clearly, make decisions, and get stuck. Combining the benefits of hypnotic focus to manage your thoughts with one on one personal support helps you develop and refine your best life skills and strategies to compete and excel in your world to reach your goals and objectives.

Janet can help you develop productive strategies that supports and guides your journey. Concentrating on more empowering and productive thoughts with a realistic personal action plan is a winning formula for success.

The blending of hypnosis and life coaching skills helps you to achieve more than you ever thought possible. The results are easier, quicker and more effective than personal coaching alone. Coaching does not diagnose, treat or cure mental or emotional problems and is not a substitute for other professional help.

Self Confidence

Fear, self-doubt, old beliefs and insecurities affected her self confidence and self-esteem. The traumas were over and it was time to move past these impactful events.


Self Esteem

Your thoughts and attitudes affect how you perceive life, your reactions, and behavior. And, if you can change your mind, you can change your mindset.


Self Hypnosis Strategy

What we usually call “daydreaming” is also a state of hypnosis and events like a car honking or a person shouting can snap us out of a hypnotic daze immediately.