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I am an international motivational speaker, college lecturer, tree reading expert, certified hypnotist, and published author. I am The most truly unique personal empowerment specialist.  I offer a variety of techniques and skills to identify subconscious thoughts, strengths, and limiting beliefs to tap into your personal power. I teach you strategies to replace old limiting beliefs, worries, self-doubt, and a lack of confidence behind so that you reflect and focus on embracing your best self.



  • Motivational Speaking

  • Tree Reading

  • Intention Setting
    Vision Board Workshops



Take the first steps in improving yourself and your relationships! 

  • National Guild of Hypnotists Marlborough, MA
    August 10-12, 2018
  • HypnoThoughts Live
    Las Vegas, NV
    August 24-26, 2018
  • Morning Coffee with Janet Crain Facebook Live





    “I got tremendous insights from Dr. Crain’s book. You can really relate to it. It was so good that I passed it onto my friends.” ~Lizbet A.

    Lizbet A.

    “Dr. Crain’s insights really helped me to understand why some of my friends never do what I think  they should.  I can’t change my relatives but now I understand them- and that makes it a lot easier! Her metaphor is great and I really loved her book.” ~Emma C.

    Emma C.

    “I’ve read a lot of books but never felt they applied to me.  The analogy which Dr. Crain used in her book gave me a visual I could relate to and incredible insight in my life and relationships.  As a result, I’ve been able to instantly and automatically apply her approach to better my life.” ~April A.

    April A.

    “Dr. Crain’s book is fabulous, wonderful, so great!  I read it over and over again.  It’s easy to read and really makes sense.  It’s like speaking to someone.  I’m mailing it to my mom and sister.” ~Gillian R.

    Gillian R.



    Self-awareness is the first step in any journey to self-improvement

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    It’s also one of the most difficult. To be truly self-aware, we must ask ourselves some tough questions and take an honest look inside. Self-awareness means understanding our motivations, our thinking patterns, our influences, habits, [...]

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