Janet’s Self-Confidence Journey

Janet’s journey for self-confidence began after a rough 10 year period during which she faced advanced Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a devastating divorce, near bankruptcy, and the loss of three important people to cancer. Fear, self-doubt, old beliefs and insecurities affected her self confidence and self-esteem. The traumas were over and it was time to move past these impactful events. The problem was she had lost her self confidence . The answer was to employ her expert shopping skills and look at her situation as “shopportunities knocking”. This took the emotional sting out and allowed her to to move forward with self confidence. Using the same skills she would use to buy a shirt she began shopping for the life she wanted.

Building Self Confidence

Building self confidence begins with self knowledge and faith in your abilities. In Janet’s book If You Want An Egg Roll Get Out of The Pizzeria. Janet teaches you how to build self confidence to meet both your emotional and physical needs. Just imagine how your life might be if you applied your well-honed shopping skills to everything you need in life, from finding the perfect mate to discovering your dream career, from making money to enjoying friendships and nourishing your spiritual and physical health.