Self-hypnosis can be defined as a natural, hyper-suggestible state that you can choose to go in and out of. Have you ever driven home and been so deep in thought that your car arrived at your driveway on autopilot? What we usually call “daydreaming” is also a state of hypnosis and events like a car honking or a person shouting can snap us out of a hypnotic daze immediately.

Through self-hypnosis strategies, one can manage your thoughts, attitude and promote change or influence behavior by focusing on specific suggestions.

Finger Focus Technique – A self hypnosis technique

The Finger Focus has become Janet’s technique for self-hypnosis. It was created when her hypnotist, Garrett Buttel suggested using self-hypnosis to manage the side effects during chemotherapy. Allowing supportive, empowering beliefs to become the main focus of her attention. Janet gained a new sense of control and empowerment when she was able to cue her mind to focus on what she did want.