Impress People with Meaningful Conversations.

Are you single but ready to find a mate with whom you can share your life? It’s hard to meet people, and even harder to find a reason to strike up a conversation with them. We may be successful at work, but when it comes to talking to a handsome or pretty stranger, many of us suddenly get very shy. The reason is simple. We’re inhibited by the fear of rejection. That fear often keeps us from meeting new people in social situations, even if we are comfortable meeting people at work.

Being Single

With all the singles’ sites, the bar scenes, and dating services out there, we all know it’s almost impossible to start a conversation that really gets people talking. People often make up their minds with just a glance. It doesn’t matter how nice your smile is or how great your personality is, if you don’t have a great reason for starting a conversation, you’re likely to get shot down pretty fast and remain single forever.

Your Chance to Shine

You know pick up lines rarely work, but how would you respond to a simple request by someone to “draw a tree”? It’s not a pickup line, and it is an unthreatening request. Best of all, it gets you past the gatekeeper who judges you solely on your looks. It buys you time and gives you a chance to let your personality shine through. It eliminates that “dead air” conversations lapse into after you’ve introduced yourself to someone and then had nothing to say?

What if I said I could show you a simple way to start painless, fascinating conversations that people hated to see end? Well, I can. I developed an app called Tree Reading available on iTunes and at the google play store for 99 cents. All proceeds go to the National Arbor Day Foundation to plant trees. This conversation starter is an easy method for sparking interest because it provides interesting insights into the drawer’s personality and will hopefully put your single days behind you.

Changes in the World of Dating

Dating has changed from the time of Yenta the Matchmaker and long leisurely walks and opportunities to get to know each other. In our high technology world, meeting people has become a time limited opportunity, with speed dating, internet dating, and dating services putting pressure on making a good first impression  in a short amount of time if you want to shed the single label. With conversation time at a premium, your confidence will soar when you are able to intrigue someone with accurate facts about themselves.

Anyone can Participate

You don’t have to have any artistic ability to draw a tree. Anyone can participate without being self-conscious about their tree. There is no right, wrong, good, or bad way to draw a tree. The awkward silence that often follows a typical conversation starter is instantly gone because the information is accurate. The person is immediately intrigued and wants to know more. Because the conversation is about personality, it’s not threatening, it doesn’t come across as a pickup line, and it puts people at ease once they see how it works.

Even if you are a shy person, it’s easy to hand your phone to the other person and say, “Would you please draw a tree?” If it makes you feel better, you can offer a candy or mint (like an Ice Breaker), or even an offer to buy them a drink in return. Once you have the tree, you will be able to start the conversation and relax. The tree does all the work. Don’t be single forever!