My dog Archie had the ability to assess people in less than a minute and decide if it was worth getting to know them (even with one eye after a car accident). After a few sniffs he would either cozy in or walk away and keep a watchful eye. I envied his ability to accurately determine character and temperament within minutes of meeting someone.

Understanding a Person’s Characteristics

Without the powerful instincts of a dog, we depend on human intelligence and perceptions to establish relationships. The connection we develop in a relationship is dependent on the comfort and communication we establish with the person. Developing understanding of what the person is truly like is significant in the process of knowing them.

Language, using words is the main communicator to develop bonds of trust and the foundation of a relationship. Body language and nonverbal communicators add tremendous information to the picture.

However, I’ve developed another form of communicating, that much like a dog can help you determine a person’s personality from the start. I call it tree reading.

Tree Reading to Determine Characteristics

Tree reading is exactly as it sounds. You can ask a person to draw you a tree and from there you can determine their characteristics.

I’ve asked people on airplanes, at conferences, in restaurants, and even at the nail salon to draw me a tree. It led to a lot of laughs. By asking a person, even a perfect stranger, to draw you a tree in a box, on the back of a napkin or a piece of paper, you can start lasting conversations and develop a relationship with almost anyone, anywhere.

Your confidence will soar when you are able to intrigue someone with accurate information about themselves in less than two minutes. The best part is you don’t need to memorize anything or have amazing foresight like a dog would.

I get so much satisfaction when I ask someone to draw a tree and feel the connection after I reveal what the tree says. Sometimes people are reluctant at first, and find it hard to believe I can find so much information about them from a simple drawing. After I tell them specific, accurate characteristics exclusive to them, they get hooked and become true believers.

Start Tree Reading Today

Are you intrigued but know that you don’t yet have the skill set to read someone’s tree. Well we’ve made that possible for you because it it is available as an app on iTunes and at the google play store. All you need to do is download the app and pull out your phone every time you want to share this amazing gift with someone.

Just as my dog Archie had an encyclopedic knowledge of assessment skills at his disposal, the skill of tree reading can reveal a plethora of insightful information for you to assess new people.